Bin enthusiasts search for ‘perfect’ purple wheelie bin in Maidenhead

A German man who has collected over 400 variations of wheelie bins is looking for a rare purple bin sighted in the Maidenhead area.

Alexander Smoljanovic has been passionately collecting bins for 15 years.

He said: “I’ve got over 100 real wheelie bins and 300 miniature wheelie bins.”

Smoljanovic’s obsession began after his neighbour began working for the local disposal service.

“I got my first four miniatures from her,” he said.

“Later I started collecting real wheelie bins.”

“I collect special old things to save history,” he added.

Slough Observer:

The collection includes bins from all over the world including from the USA, Australia, France, UK, and Germany.

With bins coming in almost every colour available, Smoljanovic has said the most valuable colours are purple, gold, silver, and transparent.

“Every time I’m searching for a special wheelie bin I’ll contact the local newspaper,” he added.

“Now I had over 80 articles and every time I have been very successful with my search.”

In 2020 Mr. Dave Elliott from A & C Weber UK Ltd Liverpool helped Smoljanovic to get two wheelie bins from W-WEBER in purple.

He is now on the hunt for a wheelie bin in a ‘special kind of purple’ from manufacturer SULO with a capacity of 240 litres. 

Slough Observer:

Smoljanovic received information from an unknown person who sent images of three purple bins located behind a shop in Maidenhead.

Describing the bin pictured in the middle as ‘quite perfect’ Smoljanovic is asking for anyone who has information about the bins to get in touch by emailing

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