Berkshire’s most sought after property locations

IT’S getting harder and harder to get onto the property ladder and house prices just keep climbing.

If you do decide to get a mortgage and settle down in a property, you will want to move to a popular area where your property value is most likely to climb.

Using property data, we can reveal the areas in Berkshire that people most want to move to based on the property price growth in the areas over five years (August 2015-August 2020).

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Based on this data, an area in Bracknell is the most popular place – and here are some houses you can buy in the area right now too.

1. Binfield, Bracknell

Data suggests that this is the most popular place to move to in Berkshire.

Over five years, the average asking price for a property in the area has increased by 23.9 per cent.

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Currently, the average asking price for a house here is £536,679.

One property of a similar price is on Temple Way for £535,000.

Slough Observer:

It is a four bedroom new build detached property with a large bathroom.

You can learn more about this house on Rightmove.

2.Wexham, Slough

Wexham is clearly a desirable place to live as the average asking price has increased by 22.9% in five years.

As of September 2020, the average asking price for a house is £422,443.

If you are looking to move to this popular suburb, then there is currently a house for sale on Windsor Road.

Slough Observer:

It has a guide price of £424,950 and has three bedrooms.

It also has a large garden too, perfect for family to live in.

Click here for more details

3. Purley on Thames, Reading

Between September 2015 and 2020, average asking prices of Purley on Thames properties increased by 19.3%.

Currently, the average asking price for a house is £504,704

At £485,000, one property is below the asking price – and it’s still a beautiful house.

Slough Observer:

Set in the heart of the beautiful village, this four bedroom property is spacious and modern.

It makes for the perfect family home.

Click here to view more

4.Thatcham, Reading

The average asking price for a house in Thatcham has increased by 15.8% over the course of five years.

Currently, the average asking price for a property is £333,374

Want to buy a property in Thatcham? There are several for sale on Rightmove.

Slough Observer:

One property is on the market for £255,000 which is below the average asking price for the area.

It’s on The Broadway and is a perfect little two bedroom home.

Click here to learn more about this home.

5. Twyford, Wokingham

As of September 2020, the average asking price for a house in Twyford is £566,457 – an increase of 15.7% since September 2015.

One cottage currently listed for sale on Rightmove is on Stanlake Lane, Ruscombe.

Slough Observer:

It’s being sold for £550,000 and has three bedrooms.

The property also has “delightful” gardens wrapping around the building

Want to learn more? Visit the listing on Rightmove

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