Berkshire men who committed crimes all women should avoid

RAPE, abuse, stalking and more.

Those are just some of the gruesome offences against women that men from Berkshire have been sentenced for so far in 2022.

Have a look through the list to read about their terrible crimes.

Pierce Darlow





A Reading man with a history of domestic violence has been locked up after throwing a cannabis grinder at a woman in front of her ten-year-old brother.

Pierce Darlow, 32, of Romany Lane, Tilehurst, was admitted to the Halloween 2021 offence after footage from his own bedroom CCTV camera was seen by police.


It showed Darlow and the woman having an argument in bed. just after midnight on October 31, 2021.

The woman got out of the bed and Darlow threw a cannabis grinder at her, hitting her in the face.

The shocking scene played out in front of the woman’s 10-year-old brother, who was laying on the floor next to the pair.

The barrister said Darlow has 22 convictions for 34 offences, including two battery offences, and that he was serving a community order for two drug-driving incidents at the time of the Halloween altercation.

In 2016, Darlow was spared jail after he chased his girlfriend down the street with a baseball bat before dragging her along the ground.

On another occasion, he left her with a nose bleed after punching her in the face.

His Honour Judge Burgess QC said: “You have a problem with your attitude towards women.”

The judge said Darlow was a risk to women and that he had no realistic prospect of rehabilitation.

Darlow was sentenced to 12 months in prison for assault occasioning actual bodily harm and two counts of drug-driving.

Toshihide Nukui


Toshihide Nukui leaving Reading Crown Court

Toshihide Nukui leaving Reading Crown Court


Nukui, of Oaklands, Reading, is facing time in jail after admitting to four counts of sexual assault while working at Thames Lido from November 2018 to September 2019.

At a court hearing on Tuesday, March 29, he also confessed to penetrating a client’s genitals while he was working as a private masseur at The Therapy Centre on Church Street in October 2019.

Reading Crown Court heard that in an incident in September 2019, the genitalia of one of Nukui’s victims was touched six times.


Nukui admitted to four counts of sexual assault in relation to these incidents, which all occured at the renovated pool and treatment centre on Napier Road, Reading.

He resigned from the Lido in October 2019.

Nukui will be sentenced on July 12.

Darren Jones

A Maidenhead man has been jailed after sending his ex-wife a gun-assembling video, a picture of a gravestone and messages asking to pay for sex.

Darren Jones, of King Street, was sentenced for breaching a restraining order on four occasions in 2021 but his campaign of harassment began in 2019.

The 56-year-old separated from his wife in 2012 and a restraining order was made against him in November 2019 barring contact between the pair.


Having breached the restraining order, Jones was jailed.

However, he continued to communicate with his ex-wife and sent her a letter from HMP Bullingdon which contained a drawing of a gravestone and a ‘fallen angel’ poem.

Jones made more sexual approaches via text on December 30, 2021, when he also sent his ex-wife a video on how to assemble a gun and told her he ‘had a gun on the way’.

The Maidenhead man was arrested on New Year’s Eve and upon being apprehended by police, he reportedly said: “I can’t believe she had me arrested. I only wished her a Merry Christmas.”

Jones was jailed for ten months for four counts of breaching a restraining order and an indefinite restraining order was made barring him from contacting his ex-wife.

Deliduth Khorugdharry

A Reading man poured boiling water over his wife as she begged police for help after an “appalling” attack from her partner.

Deliduth Khorugdharry, of Basingstoke Road, stabbed himself in the stomach before jumping out of a second-floor window following the assault on his spouse.

The 50-year-old was last month locked up for grievous bodily harm after a court heard how the terrifying incident unfolded in front of two young children.


It occurred on February 20, 2020, at around 1 am when Khorugdharry said to his partner he was going to kill himself.

His wife called the police to report his behaviour when the 50-year-old poured boiling water over her head.

He then chased her around their house with the water and a knife and wounded her on her buttock with the knife, a court heard.

Khorugdharry proceeded to stab himself in the abdomen before jumping out of a second-floor window.

The fall resulted in him fracturing his skull, meaning the 50-year-old was stuck in a coma for three weeks after the incident.

Khorugdharry was sentenced to 30 months in prison for section 20 GBH.

He was banned from contacting his wife for five years and told to pay her £500 in compensation following a sentencing at Reading Crown Court on Monday, March 21.

Justin Cansdale

A family will no longer be tormented after a Bracknell man who followed his wife’s car using a GPS tracker was locked up.

Justin Cansdale, formerly of Wokingham Road, Bracknell, admitted to stalking his former spouse and children from April to September 2021.

The 49-year-old sent letters to his daughter which ‘made it clear’ he had been watching her after he referenced her change in hair colour, how fast she was driving and her new job despite being banned from contacting her.


This came after Cansdale was handed community orders for breaking into his family’s home using a ladder and sending his ex-wife more than 200 emails before the stalking started.

Cansdale’s stalking culminated in him placing a GPS tracker on his ex-wife’s car and tracking her location to Portsmouth where she was meeting a new partner.

Cansdale was sentenced to 30 months in prison for two counts of stalking with intention of causing alarm or distress, one count of stalking without fear, and one count of breaching a restraining order.

He was sentenced at Reading Crown Court on Monday, February 28.

Patrick Benjamin


Patrick Benjamin

Patrick Benjamin


A Reading man who set himself on fire after a heroic young boy prevented him from murdering his partner has been locked up.

The female victim was left with severe injuries including an open wound to her chest and neck, slash injuries on her arm, and defensive injuries on her fingers.

It took an intervention from a young boy to get Patrick Benjamin, of Lulworth Close, Reading, to stop his crazed early morning attack in December 2020.


Benjamin then fled the scene and set himself alight at a car park before passing motorists put out the blaze.

Following a trial in September 2021, Patrick Benjamin, of Lulworth Close, Reading, was convicted of attempted murder.

Her Honour Judge Norton, sentencing, said this case was “unusual and extremely sad.”

Benjamin was handed a thirteen-year prison sentence for attempted murder.

The Reading man was sentenced at Reading Crown Court on Wednesday, February 23.

Keiron Sherwood


Keiron Sherwood

Keiron Sherwood


A son who was bent on ‘revenge’ causing him to stab his mother in a “wholly unprovoked” attack last year has been jailed.

Keiron Sherwood, of no fixed abode, had harboured an ‘animosity’ towards his mother since his teenage years which culminated in the almost-fatal attack on Martins Lane, Bracknell on August 28.

The incident occurred when Sherwood was at his mother’s residence in August last year.


Here, Sherwood had a disagreement with his mother about whether she was going to give him a lift somewhere.

Sherwood then stabbed the woman, in her fifties, four times in what prosecution counsel Christopher Amis described as a ‘prolonged assault’.

The victim’s lung was punctured and she suffered spine injuries from the assault and a brain injury from the resulting fall.

His Honour Judge Dugdale said the reality of the situation was that Sherwood “very nearly killed” his mother.

Sherwood was handed an extended prison sentence of 13 years for wounding with intent, assault occasioning actual bodily harm, and theft of a motor vehicle.

The 36-year-old was sentenced at Reading Crown Court on Friday, February 18.

Andrew Kirkland


Andrew Kirkland. Images via Hyde News and Pictures and UGC

Andrew Kirkland. Images via Hyde News and Pictures and UGC


A former Met Police officer ‘will not serve an easy sentence’ in prison after he was jailed for sexually assaulting a young girl in Berkshire last year.

Andrew Kirkland, of Stoney Stanton, Leicester, was last month (February 3) convicted of sexual assault after almost three hours of jury deliberations.

The verdict came after a three-day trial in which Reading Crown Court heard how Kirkland performed a sex act on himself over a young girl when he thought she was sleeping in March 2021.

The lewd and shocking incident came just three days after Kirkland had searched for porn of girls being ‘violated’ while asleep or passed out.


Sentencing, Her Honour Judge Real lambasted Kirkland for his inappropriate behaviour towards a “young” and “vulnerable” girl who was asleep at the time of the incident.

The judge said Kirkland “took his opportunity” when he realised the girl was not wearing underwear in bed having watched pornography of sleeping girls just days earlier.

Speaking of the impact the incident had on the girl, the judge added: “This has been difficult not just for the girl but for those close to her.”

Kirkland was sentenced to four years in prison for sexual assault of a child under the age of 13 by Judge Real.

Samuel St Fort


Samuel St Fort

Samuel St Fort


Samuel St Fort was jailed for seven years after threatening two girls with a knife and punching one of them with a boxing glove.

After escaping through a bathroom window having been taken hostage on a night out, hours earlier, one of the woman had to hide under a car to avoid being detected by St Fort, who was 20 at the time of the incident in August 2018.


In a victim statement, one of the girls said she was scared of returning to Reading following the frightening events.

St Fort’s prison term also stems from the ‘violent’ and ‘sadistic’ ways he treated another woman from August 2020 to April 2021, including whipping her with a charging cable and hitting her with a hammer.

The 23-year-old, formerly of Wensley Road, Reading, was sentenced to seven years imprisonment for two counts of criminal damage, one count of engaging in controlling or coercive behaviour, two counts of assault, and two counts of false imprisonment.

William Thorpe


William Thorpe. Image via Thames Valley Police.

William Thorpe. Image via Thames Valley Police.


The grandson of a former prison governor will get another taste of jail life after he was locked up for raping a young woman.

William Thorpe, formerly of Bowyers Lane, Warfield, Bracknell Forest, has already spent time inside having assaulted the woman before he raped her in August 2019.

The 20-year-old will now spend at least three years and nine months in prison, however, after he was found guilty of rape following a trial in October 2021.


Reading Crown Court heard how Thorpe raped the woman at his Reading flat when he was 18-years-old.

She had made her way to his home to collect shoes and money Thorpe owed her at around 9 pm that evening but left without either item 20 minutes later.

In that intervening period, Thorpe raped the woman.

Thorpe will serve half of this sentence behind bars and has been barred from contacting the woman he raped for ten years after his release.

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