Berkshire husband and wife couples in court for terrible crimes

PLOTTING a terror attack, the sexual abuse of two children and stealing £140,000 from an old man.

These are just some of the crimes that have caused husband and wife couples from Berkshire to end up in court.

Others have committed offences which have not resulted in jail terms.

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Nevertheless, here are the names of some of the Royal County’s most notorious offending couples from years gone by.

John and Mary Gillies

The husband-wife pair from Maidenhead were jailed in 2019 for the sexual assaults of two children between 1992 and 1996.

The couple, now 67 and 62 and formerly of White Paddock, were handed a 22-year combined sentence following a trial more than two years ago.

A 2019 report from the BBC read: “The two children were aged under 16 when John Gillies raped and indecently assaulted them, and that his wife would join them in bed to force the children to “participate in sexual acts with her”.

Within the BBC report, Thames Valley Police officer Hannah Broughton said: “John and Mary Gillies weakened the free will and self-esteem of these young people so completely that their courage in facing them and giving evidence is all the more remarkable.”


John and May Gillies. Image via TVP

John and May Gillies. Image via TVP


John Gillies was sentenced to 18 years and his wife to four-and-a-half years.

Emma and Tim Casey

A Woodley couple who stole £143,000 from the wife’s elderly, vulnerable father’s life savings were spared jail in order to care for their severely disabled daughter.

Tim and Emma Casey, of Shelgate Walk, Woodley, gambled all the money away after the latter was put in charge of managing her father’s only remaining funds.

Reading Crown Court heard how Ms Casey could have been handed a six-year prison sentence had she been found guilty at a trial.

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And following an August court hearing the pair were told a prison stay was ‘almost inevitable’.

But because she is the primary carer for her youngest child, who has “complex” support needs, and because she admitted to her crime removing the need for a trial, Her Honour Judge Nott let her and her husband walk free.

In a victim statement, Ms Casey’s father said: “I did not believe my own daughter could do this to me until she admitted it.

“One of the few people I adored let me down totally.”

Paul and Maria Vig

The Slough couple were told to cough up more than £15,000 in court fees after they rented out a ‘bed in a shed’ for £640 a month.

Paul and Maria Vig, of Scotlands Drive, Farnham Common, and Fawsley Close, Slough, respectively, illegally let out the property for more than three years.

The structure was located in the garden of a house in Reddington Drive, Langley, and contained a shower room, a washing machine and white goods.

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Slough Borough Council, which issued an enforcement notice against the structure in 2015, said the property resembled a ‘bed in a shed’ as it contained ‘everything needed to be an independent self-contained unit’.

At Reading Crown Court in October 2021, Paul Vig, 58, was sentenced for ignoring the enforcement notice after it was discovered he was renting out the property for £160 per week.

Mr Vig was fined £5,000 and was told to pay this in six months or he will spend three months in prison.

He was also ordered to pay costs of £8,161.67.

His wife Maria Vig, 40, was given a six-month conditional discharge but was ordered to pay £4,000 in costs.

They were sentenced at Reading Crown Court on October 6.

Sajid Shah and Farhana Shah

A Slough couple who appeared in court in April after a row over an extension led to assaults, verbal abuse and threats of violence.

Sajid Shah and his wife Farhana Shah became upset over building work to their neighbour’s house next to their council property in October 2018.

The pair repeatedly verbally abused their neighbours in Court Crescent, Slough, and tried to interfere in the building work and received a written warning from the council and Thames Valley Police about their behaviour in July 2019.

Their anti-social behaviour included Mr Shah assaulting his neighbour who received treatment in hospital for injuries.

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The warning letter did not stop their anti-social behaviour and in September 2019 each was served a Community Protection Notice.

It stated their conduct had been unreasonable towards their neighbours through verbal abuse, threats of violence, and interfering with visitors to the property conducting lawful building work.

It stated the abuse had resulted in their neighbours being caused alarm, harassment and distress to them and the visitors to their home and they were intimidated, frightened and offended.

Mr and Mrs Shah were entitled to appeal notices and did so although there as a delay due to the pandemic.

The hearing was held at Reading Magistrates’ Court on 14 and 15 April where the appeal was dismissed and Mr and Mrs Shah were ordered to pay £8,778 costs to the council for defending the case.

The magistrates heard evidence from the victim, the council’s neighbourhood tenancy team leader and Mr and Mrs Shah.

The council’s legal representative Alex Williams told magistrates: “Mr Shah was obsessed and angered by the boundary wall issue, and had verbally abused and physically assaulted his neighbour as a result.

“Mrs Shah had also verbally abused their neighbour and tried to interfere with the building work.”

Mohammed Rehman and Sana Ahmed Khan


Sana Ahmed Khan, from Wokingham, and her husband Mohammed Rehman

Sana Ahmed Khan, from Wokingham, and her husband Mohammed Rehman


Sana Ahmed Khan, from Wokingham, and her husband Mohammed Rehman, were found guilty of plotting a terror attack in London on the anniversary of the 7/7 bombings back in December 2015.

The pair married in 2013 at Reading’s Islamic Centre and lived separately, with Rehman living in Reading.

Police said they were just ‘days away’ from unleashing their attack when they were arrested in May 2015.

This came after Rehman — going by the name ‘silent bomber’ on Twitter — posted a tweet asking for suggestions on which London landmark to bomb.

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A report from ITV read: “With money from Khan, Rehman stockpiled the chemicals needed to make a huge bomb at his family home in Reading and even filmed himself setting off a small explosion in his back garden, the Old Bailey was told.

“The plot was foiled when an undercover investigator, using an alias, struck up a conversation with Rehman online after his threatening tweets were brought to the attention of security forces.

“When officers entered the property they found a large hunting knife and chemicals for a massive bomb, which experts say was just days from completion.”

The pair were jailed for life back in December 2015 with Rehman ordered to spend a minimum of 27 years behind bars and Khan told to serve at least 25 years.

According to the BBC, Khan had her sentence reduced to 23 years on appeal in May 2016.

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