Berkshire drivers fined for bad and careless driving

DANGEROUS driving can land motorists in jail for years.

One driver, Aaron Clare, was sentenced to eight years behind bars for dangerous driving in November after he killed a father with his BMW in May 2020.

Driving without due care or attention is a much less serious version of the above charge and rarely results in motorists getting much more than a fine.

Here are the Berkshire drivers who have been convicted of driving without due care or attention in the last four months.

Some of them were convicted after some very bad driving!

Lawrence Oliver

A Slough man overtook a long line of traffic forcing vehicles coming the other way to stop.

Oliver, of Tamar Way, was caught driving without due care or attention on Lower Richmond Road in London on March 16, 2021.

A court file indicates the 79-year-old was driving a Subaru when he ‘overtook a long line of traffic forcing vehicles on the other side of the road to stop.’

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He was fined £80 and made to pay £114 in court fees at a court hearing at Wimbledon Magistrates’ Court on November 20, 2021.

Kimberley Seymour

A Finchampstead woman was the subject of a court hearing after driving without due care or attention in Strensham last year.

Seymour, of Booth Drive, was in Worcestershire on April 11, 2021, when she drove her Renault without care or attention.

The 30-year-old was fined £440 for this offence and a further £660 for driving without insurance on the same day.

Hereford Justice Centre handed Seymour the fines and six points on her licence on November 4, 2021.

Teodor Georgiev

A Reading man was fined for driving without due care and attention and failing to stop after an accident.

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Georgiev, of Bitterne Avenue, failed to give his personal details following an accident on Island Road, Reading on December 14.

He was fined 3375 for this incident and made to pay a further £500 in court costs.

The 27-year-old was also forced to pay a £167 fine for driving in a public place without due care or attention in relation to the same incident.

He appeared at Wycombe Magistrates’ Court on Monday, January 24.

Nicola Dickson

A Twyford woman was drunk at the wheel when she drove without due care or attention IN 2020.

Dickson, of Broad Hinton, was driving in a BMW Series 1 on Kiln Lane in Maidenhead when she was over the limit.

She was caught with 156 milligrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of her blood, the limit being 80mg per 100ml.

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It was on the same date, October 10, 2020, that the 41-year-old was driving without care or attention.

She was fined £900 for the drink driving offence but was given no separate penalty for the latter offence.

Reading Magistrates’ Court gave her ten points on her licence at a hearing on November 9, 2021.

Agnieszka Wietchy

A Slough woman was fined after her conversation with a friend caused her to swerve across a motorway.

Agnieszka Wietchy, of Woodford Way, was driving on on the M25 in Hertfordshire in August 13, 2021, when she was spotted ‘continuously weaving’, according to a court file.

The court file indicated the BMW X5 driver ‘realised they were in the incorrect lane and crossed solid white lines’.

‘When questioned, the driver stated she was talking to a friend and not focused on the road’, the court file indicated.

At a hearing at Stevenage Magistrates’ Court last week, 46-year-old Wietchy was convicted of driving in a public place without due care or attention.

Here, she was fined £220 and made to pay £144 in court fees.

Wietchy was also given three points on her licence.

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