Berkshire criminals jailed in February

DRUG DEALERS, road ragers and shop lifters have all been put behind bars in Berkshire last month.

The courts have had a busy February locking up 11 criminals from across Maidenhead, Slough and Reading.

Here are the faces of all of the criminals who have been sentenced for their crimes in February 2021.

The criminal facing the longest sentence is Latrell Greenidge with six years in jail for stabbing another driver during a road rage attack in Reading.

Slough Observer:

Here’s the full list:

Latrell Greenidge

Slough Observer:

A man who stabbed another driver during a road rage attack in Reading was jailed on Februry 5 for more than six years.

Latrell Greenidge, aged 26, of Ashburton Road in Reading, was found guilty of wounding with intent following a three-day trial at Reading Crown Court.

Police said on May 28, 2019, Greenidge pulled out of a side road onto Oxford Road in Reading and started to drive behind the victim, a 30-year-old man who was travelling with his girlfriend and her four-year old-child in the car.

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Andrei Stan

Slough Observer:

A lorry driver was jailed for causing a crash that left two police officers with life-changing injuries.

Andrei Stan, of Romania, was sentenced at Reading Crown Court on February 25 after the serious crash which happened on the A4 Bath Road in 2019.

The court heard how the 35-year-old driver was attempting a U-turn on the unlit rural road on February 27, 2019, about 11.40pm. At that time, PC Matt Midwinter and PC Kieren Baker, of Thames Valley Police, were travelling on the same road.

Siobhan Maven-Hazelton

Slough Observer:

A woman was brought before the courts for more than 12 counts of shop thefts, that happened between August 2020 and February this year.

Siobhan Maven-Hazelton, 33, of no fixed abode, pleaded guilty in Reading Magistrates’ Court to 15 counts of theft from a shop, and one theft of a bicycle, all in the same hearing.

These crimes took place between August 2020 and February this year, all at various locations across Reading.

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Maysam Miani and Hannah Morrison

Slough Observer:

A pair of drug dealers who supplied crack cocaine and heroin in Reading were jailed after police searched a property in Rembrandt Way.

Maysam Miani, 19, of Albert Road, Brent, London and Hannah Morrison, 37, of Rembrandt Way, Reading, were arrested on June 16 last year.

On Tuesday, February 2, Miani and Morrison were sentenced to drug offences at Reading Crown Court.

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Rigert Korrage

Slough Observer:

A cannabis factory was discovered in Reading with police stating the operation at Dulverton Gardens had a potential crop yield of £93,000.

A hearing at Reading Crown Court was told the factory had “a number of rooms which had been converted in order to grow cannabis.”

The 31-year-old was sent to two years in prison.

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Jason Seagrove

Slough Observer:

A man who stole a delivery van and rammed it into a police car has been jailed.

Jason Seagrove, 39, walked up the driveway of a woman’s home in Langley Road, Slough, on the afternoon of September 2 last year – but walked away when she rattled her blinds at him.

A little while later and Seagrove, of Gilliat Road in Slough, jumped into the front seat of a delivery van while the driver was out of the vehicle.

He has been jailed for three and a half years, disqualified from driving for 41 months and must take an extended re-test.

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Robbie Holding

Slough Observer:

A London man who was caught in Maidenhead with wraps of heroin and crack cocaine was jailed for two-and-a-half years.

Police arrested Robbie Holding, of Lancaster Road, Barnet, on September 13 after he was found in a Maidenhead property with large amounts of class A drugs.

Jamil Munir

Slough Observer:

A man who tried to discard drugs in the middle of a deal and racially abused a police officer has been jailed.

Jamil Munir was spotted by police in Oldfield Road, Maidenhead, carrying out a drug deal on September 23 last year.

As police detained him, the 36-year-old, of Arkley Court in the town, violently resisted and launched a tirade of racial slurs and abuse at one of the officers.

At Reading Crown Court on Thursday, February 11, Munir was jailed for four and a half years after pleading guilty to possession with intent to supply class A drugs.

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Kane Hollingworth

Slough Observer:

Kane Hollingworth, 20, of Dewsbury Road, Luton, was arrested on October 31 last year after being seen in Maidenhead town centre by two PCSOs.

He was found to be in possession of a large quantity of cash and a hotel key.

When officers went to the hotel, they found Hollingworth had travelled from Bedfordshire to Maidenhead to deal drugs.

In the room were a number of items to prepare and package Class A drugs.

He was sentenced to two years and two months behind bars.

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