Bad parking in Slough blocks ambulance car used for ‘major crashes’

NIGHTMARE parking doesn’t just happen on pavements and grass verges, it can block in ’emergency service vehicles too’.

That’s the message from one NHS volunteer who claims ‘inconsiderate’ parking has been a problem for him since 2016.

The resident who lives in Reddington Drive, Langley contacted the Observer following our recent article on bad parking around Slough.

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He said his registered ambulance vehicle regularly “gets blocked in” by people who live in the properties nearby or visitors.

The volunteer who wishes to remain anonymous said: “I regularly assist the NHS on Non-urgent work as it’s a motorsport Safety unit. This means as a licenced rescue unit I am called to motorsport events where I will be on standby as a response unit if anyone gets injured.

“In the past when I’ve been blocked in, I’ve come out to ask if they can move their cars and they argue back saying ‘you’re not a proper ambulance’. It’s just the sheer frustration I have because it is a marked vehicle, if I get called to go out somewhere to assist then I’d have to get the police involved.” 

The resident who has helped transport PPE to Wexham Hospital during the Covid-19 pandemic, said he’s fed of “inconsiderate people who have no respect for others.”. 

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The car park to the back of the 52 Reddington Drive flats had space for 60 cars in total.

However, in 2016 the car park was allegedly blocked off by Slough Borough Council.

As a result, parking for residents is a free-for-all and no one has allocated spaces, he claims.

The resident added: “The main purpose of my vehicle is to take equipment over to these events and if there’s a major incident I’ll be the first person on the scene. The car has a defibrillator machine and oxygen which I have paid for myself over the years. 

“It feels secure to have the car parked outside the house so I can charge up the batteries when it’s not in use. I also worry about break-ins and thefts hence there is CCTV outside.” 

Slough Borough Council said they’d be happy to send a letter to residents of Broom House to remind them to park more considerately.

A spokesman said: “We can send a letter to everyone in Broom House to remind them about considerate parking and not to block anyone in.

“In addition, residents only or allocated parking can be discussed and requested by going through to the council’s parking team.”

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