Attempted abduction of Eden Girls student in Slough

A TEENAGE girl in uniform was almost grabbed and abducted by two men on her way to school.

The student was walking on her way to Eden Girls School in Slough yesterday morning (June 22) when she was approached by two men in a white van.

The school said two eastern European men in a white van tried to grab the student when she refused to ‘get into the van’.

A letter was sent to parents informing them of the incident and advise has been issued to students on what to do if they are in the same situation.

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Sajid Khaliq, headteacher of Eden Girls School, said: “The pupil was approached by two eastern European men in a white van, the pupil refused to get into the van and an attempt was made to grab the pupil. They failed and the pupil is safe.

The incident has been reported to the police.

“In view of the nature of this incident, I am asking that parents reinforce to their daughter’s the importance of being alert, as well as how to react in such a situation.”

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Parents have been urged to reinforce the ‘stranger danger rules’ which include to:

• never go anywhere with a stranger

• never accept gifts or sweets from a stranger

• never get in a car with a stranger

• never go off on your own without telling your parents or a trusted adult

• tell your child it is okay to break the rules if they are in danger

• encourage your child to yell, kick, scream, lie or run away, if they feel they are in danger

• give your child a code word or sign that only you and your child (and another parent/carer) know.

• tell your child to stay with their friends and not to go on their own e.g. to the park on their own.

The headteacher added: “I would like to offer my assurance that Eden Girls is committed to the safety and welfare of its pupils and will continue to keep you informed if such situations arise.

“We pray for the ongoing safety of our pupils and entire school community.”

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