Ascot Racecourse will see new gym move in next door

PLANS for a new gym by Ascot Racecourse have been approved with overwhelming community support.

Gain Line, also known as CrossFit, will move into the vacant single-storey building which, along with its associated land, will be transformed into a strength and conditioning fitness centre with six parking spaces.

As this is a change of use, no external works will be undertaken – but internally, the building will be renovated with a large gym floor, exercise rooms, a staff room, a cycle storage facility, a storage room, and an office.

According to the design and access statement, made on behalf of CrossFit Ascot Ltd, the site will host small to medium-sized exercise classes of no more than 15 people each session and one-to-one training from personal trainers.

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Slough Observer:

It also states the building is no longer required by Ascot Racecourse and only forms a small section of the land, meaning it would not impact the racecourse’s business or activity.

They also state this will make a “positive economic and social material” contribution, generating full time and part-time employment, reusing redundant land and improving health and fitness for residents.

On the planning portal, an overwhelming amount of community support comments were submitted as part of the application.

Chris Farley, who has transitioned to working remotely due to the pandemic, said: “Having the ability to access a local health and fitness facility not only positively benefits my overall well-being, it also improves my productivity and performance at work which when viewed through a broader lens is vital to economic resurgence.”

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“In 2020 during the pandemic more and more people became a victim of the unhealthy lifestyle thank to lockdowns, redundancy and lack of freedom”, said Mr J Horvath.

“Because of this, we need more options to put our people and communities back to normal and reduce the damage. A gym can form a healthier community.”

Chris Blythe said: “I am hugely supportive of this application after seeing the amazingly positive impact GainLine has had on the Ascot community over the last few years. Moving to a bigger facility and increasing visibility can only help Danny and the team reach more people and create a fitter and happier community!”

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