Anger over children ‘running rampant’ on E-scooters

Illegal underage E-scooter riders reeked havoc in a Slough road claims an angry resident, damaging her car and crashing into each other.

The resident in Alexandra Road, Chalvey, who does not want to be named says she heard a commotion on Sunday afternoon and saw children who looked about 13 to 16 on four E-scooters.

She said: “They were going really fast and one scraped my car. There were four of the scooters but two were riding on one which was very dangerous.

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“One crashed into another and I could see one of the children had hurt themselves.”

She said the children then disappeared leaving the four E-scooters in the road.

Some even younger children then came and collected three of them. But the fourth E-scooter was taken away later by a representative of the company Neuron which is currently renting out 250 distinctive orange e-scooters, as part of a local campaign to get people out of cars.

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The scheme has the full support of Slough Council which is allowing the E-scooters to be used on roads and in bus lanes on a trial basis.

They are available to rent and take away at a variety of sites but strictly for people over 18 who have a licence.

The resident says she reported what she saw to the police but added: “I would like to know what the security is in place to ensure only people legally allowed can take these E-scooters out.”

Users of Neuron’s E-scooters have to download an App with details of their driving licence before being able to take one out, proving they are legal.

But this is reliant on children not being able to gain access through careless adults.

A joint statement issued by Slough Borough Council and Neuron said: “We would strongly encourage anyone who spots someone riding one of our e-scooters irresponsibly or breaking any of the riding rules to contact us directly and report it so we can quickly investigate and take the necessary action. You can do so by calling +44 1753 981188 or by emailing”

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