90% of Slough homes in top 10% of air pollution nationally

Slough has been revealed as the worst location in the UK for air pollution with figures severely above WHO limits.

A recent studying conducted by not-for-profit Central Office of Public Interest (Copi) and Imperial College London ha produced a detailed map outlining the postcodes with the dirtiest air.

In an article published in The Guardian this week, it is stated that the town or city with the highest proportion of homes in the top 10% most polluted nationally is Slough.

The data shows that 90% of homes in the Berkshire town are in the top 10% dirtiest air nationally.

London comes in as second with 66% of homes in the top 10% most polluted.

The national publication reported that Copi is calling for a legal requirement for air pollution data to be disclosed to home buyers and renters, as is already the case with asbestos, for example.

Humphrey Milles, the founder of Copi, said: “Air pollution affects all of us. With this new accurate data now publicly available, it would be shameful for the property industry to not start acting transparently – lives depend on it.”

In 2018, data from Public Health England showed that Slough had the third highest rate of deaths to air pollution in the South East region.

6.2 percent of deaths in Slough could be attribute to particulate air pollution behind Medway and Portsmouth.

At the time Slough Borough Council said that they were in the process of preparing a ‘Low Emissions Strategy’ to help combat pollution. 

The map developed by copi shows annual average pollution levels for 2019. This was the last year that was unaffected by Covid-19 lockdowns and travel restrictions.

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