17 signs you know you’re from Slough in Berkshire

Slough is the birthplace of the TV Series the Office – and if you have ever met someone from here, you’ll know this fact within the first few minutes.

As this is one of the 21 signs you know someone is from Slough.

From feeling genuine disgust when someone pronounces it ‘Sluff’ to nostalgia brought on by the smell of Mars Bars, there are many little quirks to tell if someone hails from the best town in Berkshire.

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We asked Observer readers to finish this sentence: ‘You know you’re from Slough when’ .. and this is what they said.

Let us know if you think they’ve missed anything off below.

  1. When the M4 junction 5 and 6 close every weekend in both directions (we’ll set up a live blog, don’t worry everyone)
  2. You can smell the Mars Bars
  3. You know Pinewood Studios ISN’T in London.
  4. You’ve had a pint at Herschel Arms
  5. You feel genuinely disgusted when people say Sluff instead of Slough
  6. You remember the Bestobell Man – a landmark sculpture which could be found on Farnham Road
  7. Your house prices are soaring
  8. You get defensive when people’s only point of reference is The Office
  9. You can slag Slough off, but no one else can!
  10. You catch yourself starting sentences with ‘ain’t’ and ending them with ‘init’  
  11. You know that Windsor is actually only five minutes away and shares the same postcode
  12. You can sing the Ricky Gervais song ‘Slough’
  13. You say you live ‘close to London’ when you go abroad
  14. You really miss shopping in all the outlet shops in Slough – H&M, Topshop and M&S!
  15. “You grew up with people who didn’t judge or criticise because we all had nothing. And made life-long friends, who are still in contact for almost 50 years, who would never see you go hungry”
  16. “You appreciate how lucky you have been to have lived and worked in one of the UKs most successful towns over the last 100 years.”
  17. “When you know kids have got best schools to go to, it’s a stable town for family and easy to commute to east or west of England.”

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