16 dogs at Windsor Battersea ready to be rehomed

READY to give a rescue pup a forever home? There are hundreds of unwanted dogs searching for a new owner in Berkshire.

We’ve found some absolute beauties who are ready to become your best friend.

Here’s 16 dogs at Windsor Battersea Dogs and Cats Home branch that are looking for a home.

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Coral and TJ

Slough Observer:

TJ and Coral the greyhounds met and fell in love at Battersea Old Windsor. They have a lovely bond and are looking for a new home together.

Although they are different characters, they complement one another well – one thing that unites them is their love of a run around the garden and then a long snooze on their beds, however Coral is definitely the boss!

TJ is a happy dog and loves to lean on your legs for a fuss. Coral is a very laid back and a gentle dog, though can get up quite some speed when she’s feeling excited. They love playing with toys – TJ enjoys running after a tennis ball and Coral likes to throw fluffy toys around. Coral’s steady nature has really helped TJ to settle and enjoy home life.

They have been house trained, sleep together and travel in the car fine.


Slough Observer:

Ricki the Lurcher is a lively and active dog- when he first meets new people he can be worried and a bit apprehensive, but when he gets to know you his loving and scatty side shines through.

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Ricki has shown to be very scared of men currently so is looking to live in a home with female owners.

Ricki finds seeing other dogs on walks quite exciting and can become vocal and pull towards them.

He is quick to pick up training and will need some further guidance in his home.


Slough Observer:

This Staffordshire Bull Terrier need owners who are confident to guide him around other dogs, and who are able to help Rocco become a little less socially awkward with canine friends.

Rocco love people and has a proper wiggly bum when greeting. He also loves snoozing on the sofa with his accompanied by his favourite humans.


Slough Observer:

This handsome French Bulldog is a sensitive boy who doesn’t like being picked up but he does love his toys.

He also likes to carry his blanket or soft toy around as a little comforter which is very adorable.

Maxwell isn’t always comfortable around other dogs and would need to live in a home without other dogs.

He will need an owner with experience of dealing with similar behaviours which will include specific on-going training and management at the vets as he will need to wear a muzzle.


Slough Observer:

Kenny the Lurcher loves his cuddles, settles extremely well in the Battersea offices on a plump soft bed – and will curl up snoozing like a cat most of the day!

Kenny will walk very nicely a lot of the time, however he does consistently show very strong interest in chasing wildlife and cats, so will need new owners prepared for a dog that can pull strongly and suddenly when he does spot something he wants to chase.


Slough Observer:

This loveable border collie has a love for tennis balls and could play all day with you given the chance, but he needs to remember he is getting on in age and his legs are not the same as when he was a youngster.

He is looking for an adult home in a rural area where is can have his own private garden to potter around in, he can be intolerant of other dogs but if you show him a tennis ball then all is forgotten.

Marley still has a passion for life and will make a fun companion for any collie loving person who will also respect his age.


Slough Observer:

This sweet little mongrel has a fun and lively character, who needs experienced and confident owners to continue her training and bring out the best in her.

Penny loves being with people who she knows and enjoys a play with toys. With people she is unsure of, both on walks and in the house, Penny can be reactive and this needs to be carefully managed.

She is responding well to the training put in place at Battersea.


Slough Observer:

This cute Patterdale Terrier has three legs but this doesn’t stop her from whizzing around our fields and paddocks at full throttle.

She doesn’t like being left alone so the team at Battersea are looking for owners who will be around most of the time and can help Millie try and become more comfortable and settled when left.

She has also shown some anxiety related behaviours such as jumping up and mouthing, so we are looking for a home that have successfully managed this type of behaviour before.


Slough Observer:

This gorgeous Rottweiler cross Shepherd loves new people and is very friendly and giggly with everyone he has met.

Koda loves playing with toys too and is just a big puppy who would play and run all day if he could!

He has a big personality and has definitely become a staff favourite, giving some of the best snuggles. He is looking for a home with a garden where he has his own space to burn off his energy and continue his training.


Slough Observer:

This adorable Chihuahua has bundles of energy but needs some confidence building in all areas to help her come out of her shell and thrive.

Bambi needs time to build a bond with new people, being quite wary to start with but once she has made friends with you, then her silly giggly side comes out and she will come over for a fuss.

Due to her mountain of worries, Bambi would not be suitable to live with another dog or children.


Slough Observer:

Rex the Jack Russell Terrier is a sweet boy who is looking for a calm home where he can relax.

New people will need to earn his trust first, though here he has made a lot of progress already.


Slough Observer:

This gorgeous fluffy dog is a Poodle cross Pomeranian cross. Battersea staff he should not be rehomed on looks alone, as he has shown some challenging behaviours and is therefore looking for experienced dog owners.

He is a nervous little lad who takes some time to build a bond with people, needing space and patience to come out of his shell in his own time. However, once you are in his friend circle, he is a loving, affectionate little lad who loves nothing more than to give you some kisses!


Slough Observer:

This lovely little miniature schnauzer is very scared and avoiding of people and interaction.

Winnie does not want to approach people, or be approached. She does find her confidence when around polite, respectful engaging dogs.

Winnie will need to find a home with one or more existing calm dogs who can help her find her feet. This is essential for her ongoing development and will provide her some comfort in her new environment.

Battersea staff say she is going to be a long project, and Winnie will reward her owners in small steps rather than leaps and bounds of progress. So she is looking for owners that will have the patience to allow her to settle in her own time.


Slough Observer:

This loveable greyhound gets along with people and dogs alike.

He may be able to live with another dog that is in similar in nature to himself.

Owners will need to have a good understanding of the Sighthound breed including traits and behaviours such as their chase drive.


Slough Observer:

Another gorgeous greyhound is ready to be rehomed at Battersea.

She is looking for a new home with owners that have some experience of dog ownership. A knowledge of Greyhound traits would be a huge advantage.

She could potentially live with another dog of similar size and temperament, pending successful introductions at Old Windsor.

Calley will need some basic training which will include house training. She will need a patient approach to enable her to get used to the new environment and all the sights and sounds associated with home life.


Slough Observer:

Finally, Finley the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is looking for his forever home.

This dog really comes out in his behaviour and other quirks, lovers of bull breeds will really appreciate his seemingly boundless energy and he will need some on-going training and management to help him introduce himself a little more well with other dogs as he can be too much for some, meaning he has been told off.

Finley can be mouthy but is pretty soft with it and is responsive to a firm but fair approach, he does like to try and pick up items that maybe aren’t as appropriate as one would like and would benefit from on-going exchange work and training as well as appropriate outlets and toys for his energy.

He can settle well with chews and a calm approach around him, new owners would really benefit from bull breed experience and expectations.

If you would like to rehome any of these dogs then register your details HERE.

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